Hvordan forberede seg til HelteRittet - Greg Saw

There are alot of coaches and blogs out there that turn a simple enough cycle tour or race into something like outer space exploration. 

There are alot of coaches and blogs out there that turn a simple enough cycle tour or race into something like outer space exploration. 

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I'll start by telling you guys how un-professional I was at Valdresrittet last weekend!

The race was a last minute decision, since I was visiting the local area on my family holiday. The real focus was to entertain two young sons and catching up with relations.

Point 1. Mentally I was not focused.

Point 2. My form was in the negative, (not positive) from my training week.

Point 3. I did not research the trail nor did I have a game plan.

Actually the list goes on! I forgot my race nutrition, my Di2 battery showed only 2 bar = low! I forgot my recharge cable! Luckly I had a fresh pair of gloves but I had to wash some socks the night before.
Lots of small things folks! But not rocket science. The race was ofcourse a bad result and I thought how un-professional! However, now I know how beautiful Valdres can be, and will remember for next time to FOCUS!

As far as training for Helterittet goes. It's rather simple until you make it complex! 

Just tap away at building some fitness EVERYDAY, it all adds up. Just do what you can, when you can, and the rewards will come. But hey everyone has excuses. It's just lack of real focus!

Stressing to fit in enough training is not good in the long run. I've done to much of that over the years! Sometimes 60 mins with a smile can be more positive then stressing for 160 mins! 

Training is also about testing yourself. Finding your pain limit should be a positive experience if done right!

Helterittet is on the 13th of August. 


Prepare your bike now. Don’t create stress with last minute bike maintenance. Elite riders choose tyres, tyre pressure, chain lube and gears based on the type of terrain and weather. Buy some sports nutrition-gels and bars or make your own favourite chilli coconut meatballs you can carry with you on the day. However, before any new strategy, make sure to try it out before race day. HelteRittet has a ride time of 4 to 5 plus hours. The most common mistake is to consume much sugar/carbos and not enough water. 
There is a science to nutrition and everyone is different but we all need water. The harder you push the faster you burn your sugar. Trust me, not many people run out of fat or protein on a ride.. or in life!

Before I go to far into outer space: it's just about focusing and being prepared as much as you can; like packing a picnic basket!

If you want to race your personal best then focus more, prepare more. Don't put all your focus into Strava or Training Peaks, but remember good old tactics and event research. Plenty of Elite results are based on tactics and mental state because our thresholds are much the same. I lost a race this spring because I had not researched the trail well enough and did not know about the finish corner - the winner did. 

Rjukan Telemark has some great nature so enjoy the challange and remember: prepare, so that you can make the most of it

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